Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MEASURE EVERYTHING OF SIGNIFICANCE… (People won’t do what you expect; they will do what you inspect)

OK… the answer is NO – I am not simply posting information regarding someone else’s blog to keep our little corner of the blog universe current. Actually, quite the contrary. I want to share information from MarketingHeadHunter.com with you; specifically a post by Harry Joiner, an exceptional and amazing e-Commerce recruiter based out of Atlanta, GA.

Harry’s credentials are unsurpassed in his field. However, his success is not due to his BA from the University of Georgia (I do sympathize with him), his MBA from South Carolina, his experience working International Commodity Sales for AJC in Atlanta, his time at NYU, being recognized through “Fistful of Talent” Top 25 Talent Management Blogs for 2008, being a recipient of an “Authenticity” Award by Internet Inc. in 2009, being quoted/referenced numerous times in the Wall Street Journal, his ability to play drums, or the fact he is related to yours truly.

Harry’s success is due to his grasp of reality when engaged in the business world; his ability to call a spade a spade and bypass the crap spewed by irrational and unrealistic business muttonheads holding executive level positions in the world of Human Resources; the gate-keepers who have truly lost touch with reality regarding the keys to success. The man ensures his clients view the world through the appropriate set of glasses and that his job-seekers are best prepared for the market they seek to engage. He is the best at what he does because he approaches each situation from a position of reality.

Early in 2009, Harry posted a blog titled “16 Rules for Success in Business & Life”. Not that I would consider Bob Parsons a true motivational speaker or self-help Guru, the man does know a thing or two about internet marketing and e-commerce… something all of us who know GoDaddy cannot dismiss. Harry’s post pays homage to an article Mr. Parsons wrote titled “16 Rules for Success in Business & Life”. Harry puts it this way:

“Growing a successful company is really hard work, and Bob strikes me as the quintessential internet marketing entrepreneur: fast talking, fast thinking, fast implementing, and fast failing. Jack Welch was like this too, seeking the highest-possible velocity for ideas and assets in his GE companies. If you have never read Welch's process for topgrading an organization, please do so. Very Darwinian.”.

It is amazing a marketing guru can get this… but Harry does! Read this blog HERE.